Friday, 13 February 2015

The Wargame Bloggers Quarterly

Ok - how come no-one told me this existed till now?

Issue THREE (yes, that means I missed two completely) is out, edited by the worthy PanzerKaput. Issue four will be edited by my good friend Sidney Roundwood.

It's only 25 pages, but it's a collection of excellent articles from a variety of bloggers, many of whom may be know to my readers - heck, several of them are my readers! :D

The Facebook page for the 'zine is here - grab a copy or two, spread the word.


  1. You can get Issue 1 at and Issue 2 at

  2. Mike I too enjoy this e-zine although the WW2 content is very little. The compilers once commented that they have very few people contributing articles for that era and would welcome many more. Spread the word and lets see more WW2 material in the e- zine.

  3. It's a great zine! My favorite article was the one on the chicken Marengo… something you don't often see in wargaming mags!

  4. I like it. It's full of good stuff; even if a lot of the material isn't in my direct area of interest I still enjoy reading it.


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