Thursday, 5 February 2015

Chef du Pont - the creamery, and Sarissa 15mm WW2 European buildings...

No, not the nice new ones that are scaled down versions of the 28mm ones.

Before that, Sarissa used to do a nice range of somewhat less detailed buildings that you won't find on their website any more - for a while, when their .com and sites were different, you could find them on one but not the other. They weren't as good - but... sometimes they're useful - one of them can be persuaded, I suspect, to pass as the three-storey building to the left of the northlight-roofed creamery building without too much trouble.

If you do need them, eBay seller treadhead2004, aka Arcane Scenery and Models, seems to have both the old and new ranges in stock - search for "15mm buildings" in his store.

I've picked up a terrace, for the above, and also the château from the newer range, which will more than adequately pass for the Chateau Isle St. Marie.

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