Thursday, 19 February 2015

Projects for the weekend

This'll be a short note, as much to get my plans in order as anything - I've spent the evening having the delightful pleasure of introducing two musicians I admire and respect greatly to each other; discovering that, as I hoped. they get on like a house on fire; and we've been plotting and scheming the formation of a new band.

On Monday, however, I'm running one more demo/intro game of I Ain't Been Shot Mum before we start the "29th Let's Go Large" ("29 Go Mad In Normandy", maybe?) campaign. So. for this weekend:

  • paint a bunch of sandbagged dug-in markers
  • assemble and paint the Commission Figurines 15mm farmhouse
  • paint a couple of Stug IIIs.
That should keep me busy enough :D


  1. I should think so. I lok forward to seeing them when they're completed.

  2. One can never have enough Stug IIIs.


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