Wednesday 13 April 2011

Why I won't be buying "Kampfgruppe Normandy"

ZeroTwentyThree has just drawn (via a blog post) my attention to Kampfgruppe Normandy. All I can say is, I'm afraid, "How &*()(*&^%$%^&*(ing much?"

Flames of War is pricy enough - Battlefront seem to have the WW2 captive miniature-collecting audience well and truly sewn up: I'll save my thoughts on the game itself for another day, other than to note I'm not a fan.

If I were to invest seriously in WW2 gaming, I'd either go 6mm with the excellent Blitzkrieg Commander, or find one of the many good sets of skirmish rules and shell out for some of the nice Bolt Action 28mms from Warlord. It's bad enough paying £30 (and being restricted to buying it from Warhammer Historical) for WAB: the only reason I'm similarly tempted by Black Powder and Hail Caesar! is, I'm completely unashamed to say, the sheer volume of figure and scenery porn in both volumes - they're as good as coffee table books. Either way, I'll pay forty eight quid for KN about when hell freezes over.


  1. Totally agree Mike, the larger companies need to be careful they don't fall victim to their own perceived success.

  2. I'm biased but 6mm is the way to go.

    I've just spent over £100 - but got an entire 1943-45 US Army (Light Division, Heavy Division and Infantry Division) - 237 mechanised units including over 30 Shermans (of various types), trucks, M7 Priests, jeeps, half-tracks, SPG's, tank destroyers etc. etc.

    We play Spearhead for WW2 battles - which I find easy to follow but which gives some excellent battles.

  3. Folks at the club have enough 6 and 10mm that we can do serious all day actions on about 15'x6' in either scale, so I'm not short on that score.

    I have a soft spot for skirmish actions. so there's a temptation to pick up some Bolt Action figures sometime. However, there's this box of 28mm ECW just landed on my doorstep....


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