Saturday, 2 April 2011

Battle Report - 28 Mar 2011

Still no photos for this, but it was kind of fun.

A three-cornered game of Pig Wars: the basic scenario (thanks Carl) was that a raiding party (Carl) was returning home from raiding a Welsh village (AndyH) and passing by a Saxon village (your humble scribe) as it did.

I set up my RoSaxons in the village, 15 foot including 5 archers manning the palisade, and 5 cavalry waiting to charge out the gate. We had a brief and fun scuffle at the gate between my and Carl's cavalry, resulting in casualties on both sides, before Andy's Welshmen came and distracted Carl's troops, in search of their missing sheep (hehe) and loot.

About that point I lost my standard bearer, which necessitated a morale check - result, fall back for my archers, and everything else was fine. Next round I started mixing it with Andy's troops as well, and a combination of Carl's cavalry and foot killed my leader. Another morale check, and everything got a fall back result.

So, next round I attempted to rally what was left of my force (by now about 7 or 8 figures), and drew a heart (Pig Wars uses cards, remember) - all troops rally. Fab. Just time to get stuck into the two guys of Carl's that were herding Andy's sheep, and for Andy to lose his standard bearer and get an 'everyone fall back' result on the morale check  Next round? I took out Carl's last cavalry, Carl killed Andy's leader: another morale check, and I think Andy drew a 2 or a 3. And all his troops rout.

Which, much to my surprise, pretty much left my guys in charge of the battlefield and the captured sheep and gold. I suspect there will need to be a rematch so Andy can get his sheep back :D

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