Sunday, 3 April 2011

Painting and purchasing...

 Managed to paint up a dozen Wargames Factory Germanic cavalry as barbarian allies to my Romans this weekend - with thanks to the lovely Rika, whose eye and hand for fine detail are markedly better than mine, hence these guys actually have harness on their horses. I also got a dozen auxillary infantry assembled and undercoated.

It's been a bit windy this weekend, so getting undercoat and varnish on things (which I normally do out in the garden) has involved a bit of 'getting one's own back'. I switched to the spare carport, but that suffers from being an enclosed area...

I've also acquired (from Total Wargamer at a ridiculous discount) a Warlord Pike and Shotte box set (80 infantry, 24 cavalry, and 10 firelocks) which should arriving early this coming week. Purely, you understand, to sneak some more historical periods into the club, by painting them up as ECW Royalist (probably: I may go against my principles and go Roundhead, depending on what my potential opponents have). Going to go the lazy way on those - burgundy or navy blue spray undercoat, detail on belts, boots, flesh and weapons, dip, base, varnish. Provided I'm thorough enough on the undercoat, they should be relatively quick to paint.

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