Tuesday 5 April 2011

Battle Report - 4 Apr 2011

Hrm. A practice game for the WAB Roman Civil War campaign - my EIR against Carl (with help from Rob)'s ninja (undercoated in black, but that's it so far) Romans. In fact two practice games, because I made a couple of stupid mistakes in the first one that resulted in it being ... erm... somewhat short.

So, in a slightly different format from usual.

Lessons learned from battle number 1 (the ignominious defeat):
  • 16" is further than you think. It's only 1 1/3 times the frontage of 12 cavalry in line abreast
  • Do not park your general directly behind those light cavalry that just got charged. He will be next in line when they rout.
  • Your dice still suck.
Lessons learned from battle number 2 (the close-fought victory)
  • Read the rules before you start. Parthian shot is only available to cavalry in skirmish order.
  • 8" is also further than you think: it's twice the frontage of a block of 6x3 legionaries.
  • You probably don't need a general AND a senior officer in a 1500 point army. Paint some more Auxiliaries.
  • Your dice really do still suck. [I think I managed a total of ONE hit from the 3 two-attack characters in combat over about 6 rounds.]
As Rob said, though - any battle you learn from isn't a complete disaster. And this is why we have practice games.

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