Tuesday, 1 March 2011

That sense of 'aaaaaaargh'!

"So," says Grahame. "Next Monday, then? WAB. How many points of Romans can you field?"
"It doesn't have to be painted."
Oh yes it does. Hrm, "A thousand." Eep.

  • II cohort: 18 legionaries, standard, musician, centurion, 308 points. Needs basing (I just dipped them)
  • III cohort: 18 legionaries, standard, musician, centurion, 308 points. Assembled and primed.
  • 9 Balearic slingers, 36 points, based, varnished, done.

Hrm. That's 652 points.

Lessee, what's in the boxes out there? Some cavalry would be good.
  • 10 auxilliary cavalry, standard, musician, leader, 220 points
which leaves me 
  • Mounted tribune on warhorse, 63 points
  • Aquilifer, 65 points
or I could add another cavalryman, ditch the aquilifer and assemble another bunch of the Wargames Factory Numidians as allied archers
  • 9 allied archers, bow, 45 points
Guess I better get cracking then! If I can paint the III cohort and assemble the auxilliaries by the end of tonight, I should be OK, as (once again) everything needs to be painted and dipped by end of Friday to dry in time. It does, though, from recent experience, look as though brushed dip dries in 24 hours rather than 36, so I may have some slack. Which is good, 'cause I'm out on Friday night!

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