Tuesday, 1 March 2011

1000 points by Monday....

Well, we're making progress. 12 auxiliary cavalry assembled and primed, and the 18 primed legionaries are blocked in all bar the leather and wood. Hopefully, I can get the latter to the dip stage by the end of tomorrow.

Sunday looks like being an afternoon spent basing :D


  1. Good luck - that's a lot to do in the time you have.


  2. Well, to be accurate its 45 pts already done, 308 that just needs basing....

    It's doable: I established I can block a set of 18 figures in about 2 hours (legionaries, so simple - flesh, chainmail, red, brown, and a touch of gold) to a standard where I'm happy to dip them. I don't claim to be the world's best painter - not seeing in 3D doesn't help - but I got for the 'how's it look en masse from 2' away' approach.


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