Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Battle Report - 14 Mar 2011

"Right lads, off we go...."
Well, this week it was Blitzkrieg Commander: a multiplayer game, where a force of Brits commanded by Phil, assisted by yours truly and Richard, took on a well-entrenched bunch of Germans, Somewhere In North West Europe.

I got the right flank, with two tank units and a load of infantry riding aboard, with a brief to clear out the woods and the village ahead. This was made a little harder by the fact that the off-road terrain was ruled to be hard going for tanks, restricting them to a quarter move....

"When I said 'stop for a brew', that
wasn't what I had in mind."
So off down the road we went. Successful command roll, then another, disembark the riding infantry.... and an 88 opened up from somewhere beyond the village and suppressed one of the lead tanks, blocking the road. And from there on it went downhill. I had, basically, the most appalling dice luck ever: in the ensuing half dozen turns, I made a grand total of something like 4 out of 15 command rolls on an 8 or less. An 8 or less is pretty close to 3 chances in 4...

So, needless to say, the upshot of that was that the right flank went pretty much nowhere for the whole game. And we lost.

To be fair - one well-sited 88 holding up a whole force is not exactly unauthentic. And I did roll really really crap dice.

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