Monday, 28 February 2011

That sense of 'done'.

It's funny how much certain steps of painting a figure bring it alive - hands and face is one for me, for example - I've always found that, even back when I was painting figures in ones and twos for D&D.

But now I've taken to basing figures, the one that for some reason puts that stamp of 'done' on it is the band of brown round the edge of the base: partly because the base is till then usually still mostly black or the primer colour, and it does set off the scatter and static grass.

So - I can happily report that the 20 Rohirrim (5 mounted, 12 plastic spear/sword/axe, and the Gamling, Hama and Eowyn hero metals) are dipped, based, varnished and ready for tonight's go at Pig Wars, along with the 8 bowmen I painted last month.


  1. So who won then? Where's the pictures? Good grief man!

  2. On the iPhone. Gimme a break, I have about 600 points of Romans to paint by Monday :D


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