Saturday, 24 August 2019

Not Paras this time, but somewhere for them to hide....

I dug out one of the old Sarissa 15mm kits (before they ditched the range in favour of scaled version of their excellent 28mm kits), and assembled it. It's a bit rudimentary, but the greyboard shutters give it a bit of depth and flavour. By rights the building I'm using it for should have arched windows, no shutters and circular attic lights in the gable ends, but there are limits for what will essentially be a sketch of a location (because, apart from anything else, the ground scale for 15mm IABSM is 2 1/2 times too big so I'm basically editing out about 1/3 of the buildings! :D). As the circular end lights are a bit distinctive, I may see if I can 3d print something suitable to glue on as framing, and maybe drill or paint black the window opening.

I also added (since Sarissa don't) some supports for a removable internal floor so figures can shoot and spot out of the top set of windows. It'll get added to the painting pile along with last Wednesday's stuff (and a large stack of TTCombat Streets of Venice stuff for the club).

Oh - to be fair, I also picked and prepped a dozen more US Paras.

Next up, to plot some buildings on an 8'x6' table, and then I can put the whole lot on the back burner to pick up as and when I need a break from finishing the Dux Britanniarum Compendium.

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