Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Battle Report - 12 Aug 2019 - FreeFire

Another evening at the club helping playtest Rob's FreeFire skirmish rules with DaveB and Carl.

...would that be an ambush, then?
Partly a rules test, partly to see if the scenario's balanced for the show. For which I was sadly forced to conclude that either Dave and I roll awful dice, or the scenario needed tweaking... general consensus was the latter, but this is why we playtest.

"Um, Sire, I think we're stuffed..."
In short - the setting is Game of Thrones, with a House Lannister raiding party running into a tree down across the road, and then getting jumped by the Brotherhood Without Banners. We had the Lannisters, with a half dozen crossbowmen, eight guardsman in armour and a couple of heroes, to Carl's seemingly innumerable Brotherhood. At least it felt that way when we lost several crossbowmen on the first round, followed by a charge from Beric Dondarrion and a bunch of the Brotherhood that made a royal mess of the guardsmen who weren't trying to clear the tree.

All scenario balance aside (and hey, like I said, this is why you playtest more than once), I love the system - it's got bits of Mongoose's Judge Dread and some of Jake Thornton's systems in it, as well as some nice command and control rules.

If you're coming to Hereward, Rob will be running this scenario as a participation game - do feel free to come and have a go.

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