Sunday, 20 October 2013

Tabletop Gaming Central

This looks interesting :D

The guys from Miniature Bids are starting up a wargaming blog network, called Tabletop Gaming Central. The best I can do, I think, is quote from their Facebook page:
Launching very soon, TGC is a new community based website for the tabletop hobby scene that looks to help promote hobby blogs by also acting like a blog network.
However, TGC goes one step further and gives the member blogs FRONT PAGE exposure for their posts by taking a 100 word excerpt of the member blogs recent posts and creating front page content from it. This content then links back to the original blog post help to increase exposure and readership for the member blogs.
On top of that, we will be looking for people to help generate site based content for TGC including full blog posts and news articles.
We're not stopping there though! We have forums too for you all to get involved in discussions about your favourite games and also user created groups, so you can create your own mini communities wthin the main community!
 As I said, looks interesting.

Apologies for the slightly hasty post - Andy and I are off to Firefest in about an hour to catch a day of classic/AoR rock, and I'm expecting to be in no fit state to blog later, even if I do get home before midnight!

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  1. Thanks there thats sounds very interesting and I hope it doesnt turn into TMP though


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