Friday, 25 October 2013

Building buildings - part 2

Onwards with the Warbases VBCW houses!

Nipped into B&Q on the way home and picked up some 1/4" or so square beading. Using the edges of the finger joints as a guide, I marked up the inside faces of the buildings with a line for the bottom edge of the upper floor by scoring with a craft knife, and then glued a piece of the beading to the wall. Once the main box is created, these will make a support for the inner floor.

Next up, I painted the windows (black for starters), and a first coat on the woodwork (Army Painter Crystal Blue). The latter will get another coat before I start on the lettering (which I may yet hand over to the wife :D)

Then I started in on the brickwork. The base colour I went for is about a half and half mix of Army Painter Black and Army Painter Pure Red. It actually looks quite dark, but that's not unusual with aged brick. (Please excuse my incredibly messy palette :D)

As you can see, this is actually reasonably OK but a touch uninspiring.

The mortar lines in the brickwork are laser-etched, and actually deep enough to hold a little paint. So, once it dried, I was wondering...

 I dug out one of my stash of spare Gü mini cheesecake pots - these are brilliant: not only are they decadent and loaded with calories, once you're done the glass pot makes a great holder for PVA or similar.

In this case, I mixed a wash of roughly equal parts Army Painter Skeleton Bone and water, took a big brush and applied it liberally to the wall. The trick, it appears, is to be more generous than you might think is necessary, and brush with downstrokes the full length of the wall.

As you can see, the end result is pretty decent! It darkens a bit as it dries, and may actually benefit from a second application - I'll see in a bit.


  1. That brickwork looks really excellent!

  2. That mortar effect with the white wash looks fantastic. I definately have to try that.


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