Tuesday, 29 October 2013

New toys

Been a busy and slightly mental day today, in which I've managed to do pretty much nothing wargames-related.

On the good side, I now have my spare Macbook Pro (it's a long story!) installed with 1TB of hybrid SSD drive and 16G (holy s***!) of RAM as a pure audio and video editing machine in a quiet corner of the house. Since it's a dedicated machine. all the distractions and CPU and disk killers like email and chat have not been installed - all except for Skype, since I'll be using this setup to call in to Neil for Meeples.

On which topic? Really enjoyed the most recent Meeples - God of Battles sounds rather interesting, and I find myself wondering about tweaking it for ancients as well as fantasy, as Jake has admitted to doing.


  1. On the subject of God of Battle:you and me both, mate. It sounded really interesting, not to mention perfect for a bit of Lardification!

  2. God of Battles is an excellent game, one I can thoroughly recommend. In fact I have done: http://ramblingnutjob.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/god-of-battles-first-impressions.html


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