Sunday 14 July 2013

The best laid plans...

So, after a scorchingly hot, but great day out at Flag Fen with some folks from my course, I had a cunning plan in three stages.

Part 1: dig out my copy of WAB2's Armies of Antiquity and cobble together a 2100 point Palmyran list (using my Parthians).

Mission accomplished, at least a first cut. We'll see how it goes when I play test it down the club on Monday against AndyB.

Part 2: find the nice figure I have for Queen Zenobia, which is somewhere in my hopefully ordered filing system in the workshop. It's actually the Layla bint Suraya bint Javaira figure from Hell Dorado, but it's rather cool.

Aaaaand.. fail. Grr. It's not in any of the boxes it should be in, nor in any of the ones I've looked in that it shouldn't be. And it's also muggy and hot, and I'm done looking for tonight since any more looking requires, realistically, a trip down to Hobbycraft or Staples for some more Really Useful Boxes to tidy the remainder of the unpainted pile and all the scenic scatters into.....

...which rather scotches Part 3: paint her, or at least make a start.

Ah well.

I think I'm going to curl up with a Scotch and enjoy the Ashes highlights. Apologies to any Aussies among my followers :D


  1. Know how that goes. We moved house recently and I was amazed at how much stuff I had stored. I also couldn't find a few things, which ticks me off.

  2. Its funny how things that you know you have can go missing so easily. Once you no longer need that figure or buy a replacement, it will show up.


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