Thursday 20 December 2012

Battle Report - 03 Dec 2012 - Warhammer ECW Campaign

Gary (left) and Dewi ponder the
So, having reached the end of our campaigning, Carl decided we'd cap off the club ECW campaign with a battle. Conveniently, it was late June of 1643, and our campaign area was the general vicinity of Oxford, so... we had a go at Cropredy. To be specifically accurate, we had another go at Cropredy, since long-term readers of this blog may remember that Carl and I had a go at the battle last year.

Forces were, as for our last couple of large battles, provided by Gary (barring a few cavalry by me). What's really scary is that Gary is now retired (early - the youthful good looks are NOT due to a picture in his attic), and happily painting away... and that this insane volume of Warlord plastics was painted in his spare time in less than a year... before he retired.

Royalist gallopers charge the bridge.
Carl and I (lacking Andy, who was indisposed) took the Royalist rearguard and rear of the main force, and Dewi, Grahame and Gary took the forces of Parliament. It.. actually went pretty much as per history. My cavalry charged Waller's approaching Roundheads coming over Cropredy Bridge, and proceeded to demonstrate just how good decent Royalist gallopers are, smashing through several units one after another and causing a real logjam at the bridge.
A convoy of Royalist foot head for
Hays Bridge.

That was pretty much what decided it - while the forces of Parliament were recovering from that, the rest of the Royalist rearguard managed to get most of the way to Hays Bridge, and we called it by about 4pm campaign time.

And that's that for the ECW campaign. Grahame and the Roundheads (sounds like a great name for a band) won the campaign proper, having by the end of June more cash and forces and territory than we did. A great time was had by all - thanks to everyone who took part, but especially Carl for organising the whole thing. We'll do it again in 2014!

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