Wednesday 26 December 2012

Blogger Secret Santa

According to the anonymous green-ink note inside my blogger secret Santa present, this is a preview of a new item from Steve at The Baggage Train. And it really does look rather cool and if it was inside the secret Santa budget, it's a bargain.

What is it?

A resin, 28mm Dark Ages longship - the neck end of 14" long. Comes neatly packaged in a plastic bag, with several smaller ziplock bags inside with some of the smaller components. Also contains a fabric sail and a couple of wooden spars, as well as a fair number of shields and shield transfers.

Detail is really rather fine, and the prow and stern decorations aren't too overstated. It needs a little clean up, but that's to be expected, since it's resin.

Quite fab, and I shall be chronicling the process of assembly and painting over the next few weeks.

To my anonymous secret Santa giver, a hearthfelt thank you, and to Steve, as well!


  1. You must really have been a good boy this year ;-) I look forward to seeing your progress. Seems everyone is pushingtheir presentd to the front of the pile


  2. Nice! Looking forward to the updates.


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