Saturday, 29 December 2012

2012 end of year report part 1 - what I said I was going to do

First up in my end of year report, let's take a look at my rash predictions from last year, and see where I got to...
Completing existing armies:
  • Add a couple more cohorts and another unit of cavalry to my 28mm EIR - well, I managed the cavalry, but that was all
  • Add another two warbands, some more cavalry, fanatics and chariots to my 28mm Brigantes - success (barring the cavalry)
  • Add another squad with support weapons to my 28mm Wehrmacht (for Operation: Squad) - pass on the squad, fail on any support weapons
  • Add another regiment of pike and shot to my 28mm Royalists - all I managed was two command figures, but then Gary at the club has ridiculous numbers of forces
New armies:
  • Napoleon At War 18mm French - at least two infantry brigades plus cavalry plus artillery - nope: never quite got round to it, despite the fact the French Chasseurs have been undercoated for a year+!
  • 28mm Parthians (largely Wargames Factory Persian light cavalry plus A&A cataphracts). Waiting on Armies of Antiquity 2 to see what else I need. - likewise
  • Some 28mm Gladiators for Warhammer Historical's ruleset - nope
  • 28mm British Commandos for Op: Squad - nope
  • 28mm Russians ditto - nope
  • 28mm Normans - for SAGA and a possible club campaign - yes, although currently they're doing duty as Christian Spanish
  • I should buy some so I can game at home - well, I've made a start
  • Paint up/flock the Citadal modular hill I have - done!
  • Try constructing some 28mm buildings - not done
  • Ditto bocage for Operation: Squad - no, but I have the raw materials to make some in 15mm
Rulesets to acquire/check out:
  • Napoleon At War - not yet, but this coming year, honest
  • Gladiator - not yet
Other stuff
  • Get the *deleted* workshop organized so I can keep track of all this stuff! - well, it's a lot tidier than it was
  • Sort out some means of spraying indoors while it's cold! - not yet, but considering it
  • Wargamers Pledge. Watch this space! - erm... *shuffles feet*. Yes, well.
Well, from a completing my original aims perspective, that's definitely 5/10, could do better. But... that doesn't begin to cover the awesomeness that was 2012. Watch this space.


  1. That was a really ambitious list; probably you best achievement is getting the *deleted* workshop organized... I don't ever bother to put in my to-do list, I know that I will fail miserably

  2. Always aim for the stars at least then you get your feet off the ground



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