Monday, 24 December 2012

MIke's holiday to-do list

At least in theory, I have all of the next two weeks off, although work is active except on weekends and public holidays, and I am the backup point of call....

What am I hoping to do over the fortnight?
  • Wargaming-related:
    • Blog. A lot. I'm aiming for writing two a day, which gives me a nice substantial queue of posts for those days when work/life stops me posting. My aim with this blog has always been to post once a day. Coming up, apart from more of the current series, are a couple more that will hopefully be educational and/or entertaining. And... well, suggestions always welcome.
    • Paint. My aim is to do at least two hours a day (usually while Anne and James are watching TV). In the queue:
      • the rest of a US Rifle company + support, in 15mm for IABSM
      • some 28mm archers for Dux Britanniarum
      • a 28mm Samurai for Curt
      • a German Heer company + support, in 15mm for IABSM
      • a German FJ company, ditto
      • LOTS (about 10 boxes * 100 figures) of 18mm Napoleon At War
    • Terrain. A large box arrived yesterday, containing some 600mm x 600mm blue craft foam, and Tim, my tame builder, is cutting me some 600mm MDF squares to fix it onto. Watch this space :D
    • Clearing out a lot of stuff in my workshop for eBay (anyone interested in about 100 painted late '80s Citadel and Ral Partha minis?)
    • I promised Rich Clarke I'd see if I could hack together a web app for producing card decks for TFL rulesets.
    • I need to work on the Peterborough Wargames Club website.
  • Other modelling:
    • I kind of owe my son some work (with him) on his model railway layout. Quite a bit, actually. Fortunately, he is getting a PS3 this Xmas, so I suspect the lure of that may ensure I don't have to spend ALL the vacation on the layout, although it is good terrain-building practice
  • Other:
    • I have two videos to edit. Which is probably going to cost me a small fortune in more disk and a copy of Final Cut X!
Well, that doesn't look so bad, does it? 



  1. Mike - that's quite a list of things to do, hope you get a fair way through it.

    Have a great Christmas! :)

  2. Wow! That's a long list indeed!! Don't get stressed, holidays are exactly for that, resting

  3. Good luck with your list Mike, the only thing on my list is to try and remain sain!

  4. Mike......errrr.....did anyone tell you that Christmas is supposed to be a holiday? No? Didn't get that memo?? Oh well :)) Just make sure amidst all that work that you have a wonderful time and a fantastic Christmas - and the very best wishes to you and yours!


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