Sunday, 28 October 2012

Works in Various Stages of Progress

First off, apologies for what, by my standards at present, is a long silence - the family took turns at a two day tummy bug this week, and I've just about got over my go at it. On the good side, I have got the workshop a BIT tidier than it was, and was disturbed to discover how many 4L Really Useful Boxes I seem to have filled up with figures since I last did a serious audit. And I have had a couple of days to Think. And Plan.

It, um, looks like I'm going to have to update the Figures page on here sometime soon, or actually get stuck in to Sekrit Project W again. Suffice it to say the painted pile's gone up by Early Saxon and Christian Spanish WAB armies, as well as my Imaginations army (which I need to dig out again!)...

The unpainted and project piles, and the plans, on the other hand... let's see. This is turning into a 2013 resolutions list!

  • First and most important (the rest are in no particular order)
    • Finish tidying the workshop so I can:
      • work in there without moving stuff, and maybe try and do an hour's painting most evenings
      • put some HEAT on in there without burning it down!
    • Fix any/all broken spears etc.
    • Finish basing the El Cid army, photograph for blog
    • Varnish everything that I was in too much of a hurry to varnish (mostly the El Cid and the Saxon Duguth)
    • Sort out some better transport options (to prevent MORE broken spears)
      • steel paper-lining the Really Useful Boxes
      • magnets on the bottom of movement trays
  • 15mm WW2/IABSM - ohhhboy: what have I let myself in for here?
    • US (urgent-ish for our next IABSM sessions at the club)
      • paint up the Battlefront US Rifle company + supports I have sitting in a box here
    • German
      • paint up the WF plastic Germans I have 
      • ditto the PSC PzIV's
      • paint all the unpainted stuff (lots of Fallschirmjäger, some Heer support + a PanzerGrenadier platoon) I'm getting from Dale on Nov 5th
    • "Blenneville or Bust"
      • start assembling the shopping list (on the good side, the FJ I'm getting from Dale are enough for THAT force!)
      • whimper a lot...
    • scenery
      • make some bocage from the bits and bobs I bought the other week
  • Dux Britanniarum
    • assemble (as soon as I get sight of the new supplement) an Irish army from bits of my British Tribes one, figure out if I need figures for characters
    • clean/tidy the Warbases sabots I'm using, possibly buy more :D
  • WAB Greeks
    • decide which AoA2 list I'm using for the WABGT
    • paint up the Victrix Athenians, Warlord Spartans, Immortal and WF Greeks I already have
    • buy more bronze paint, probably!
    • decide what else I need, abuse WF Numidians and/or buy Warlord metals to suit!
  • WAB/AoA Saxons - mostly this involves rationalising my current Age of Arthur/Dux Brit army and making a separate Later Saxon army to take on my Christian Spanish/Normans:
    • replace Ancient British (currently passing as) Geoguth with Musketeer/GB metals
    • replace Gedriht with Musketeer/GB metals
    • pick up another dozen or so Duguth so I can use the Wargames Factory Fyrd that are currently masquerading as Duguth as Later Saxon
    • promote current Gedriht (GB plastic) to Later Saxon Huscarl/Thegns, assemble some of the Wargames Factory I have to add to them, buy more of the GB plastics
    • I probably should replace the White Ravens (my Duguth cavalry) but I have a certain sentimental attachment to them :D
  • WAB Parthians
    • figure out an army list!
    • assemble and paint the two boxes of Wargames Factory Persians I have as light cavalry, buy at least two more
    • find some good cataphracts (Warlord are rumoured to be working on some, otherwise A&A)
    • abuse and convert some WF Numidians for needed foot if any
  • Napoleon at War French
    • Chasseurs à Cheval (undercoated, but need the riders re-sprayed in Army Painter Angel Green)
    • Old Guard (sitting in their box)
    • Foot Artillery (sitting in their box)
    • Line Infantry (currently marked as 'packing' by Maelstrom)
  • ECW
  • Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster
And on top of that lot? blog lots, design some IABSM scenarios (I have plans *evil cackle* ... oh, such PLANS, I tell you!) and actually play some games. Fortunately, blogging happens in my lunch breaks.

Of course, if my wife sees this list, I am dead :D


  1. Good Lord! And I thought I was busy.... :-))

  2. Lordy, Mike. Now THAT'S a long list! Good luck on getting it finished!

  3. Sorry to hear you have been poorly - lots of it about!! Just make sure that you don't share it around ;-)

    Looking at your list makes me realise just how big mine would be if I dared to write it all down... Wisely, I have decided not to bother!! :-)


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