Friday, 12 October 2012

Blogger Secret Santa

Via several bloggers I follow, but originally from Ian at The Blog With No Name (to which the link points):
"OK so that everyone who wants to take part can get organised for the Secret Santa I think we have until this time next week to register their interest. So far I have interest from Conrad, Andy, Tim and Jonathan, which is less than I hoped but with Christmas being so far away I guess not everyone is thinking about this yet. If I don't get many more I will also enter, though the plan was just to run it.
A quick re-cap (original post here).
Spend is between £10-£15 plus postage. The idea is if the person lives in another country you buy from a on line retailer in their country. You blog post a wish list on your blog, either as a normal post or as an extra tab. I will randomly draw who your target is and let you know.
Simple really and a way of making sure you get something you really will like for Christmas. Of course you could leave it up to the buyer who can gain clue from looking on your blog.
So you have about a week to join in. Please feel free to advertise the Secret Santa on your blog's even if you yourself will not be joining in."
Sounds like a fun idea, and I'm all for things that enhance the wargaming blogger community.

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