Wednesday 15 August 2012

"Bretwalda" - Peterborough Wargames Club WAB2/Age of Arthur day 25th Nov

A quick announcement for anyone who fancies a day of WAB2 in convivial company.

Peterborough Wargames Club invites you to our Age of Arthur/WAB2 gaming event on Sunday 25th November 2012 at the St John’s Ambulance HQ, 38a Cowgate, PE1 1NA. There is free parking on-site (through the archway).

The event will cost £5 (payable on the day). This does not include lunch, as the St John’s Ambulance HQ is in the city centre, so there are numerous food outlets within 5-10 mins walking distance, including pubs, sandwich vendors, cafes. Snacks, cold drinks and tea/coffee will be available at the venue. There also will be a raffle, and proceeds will go to the Battlegames Combat Stress appeal.

If you’re interested, please let us know by 5th Nov 2012 to including the army list you intend to play.

A more detailed flyer, including army list requirements, is available here.

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