Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Great Wargaming Survey 2015

Reposting this so it gets the widest audience possible:
Hopefully you remember the Great Wargaming Survey we ran last year. As far as we're concerned, with nearly 8,000 responses it was a great success. It was a good snapshot of wargamers in the summer of 2014. But to be able to even start to discern trends, we have to do it again (and again and again, but that's for future years). Hence the Great Wargaming Survey 2015. 
Obviously, the answers to our questions will only be valid if lots and lots of wargamers take the time - which shouldn't be more than 5-10 minutes by the way - to fill out the survey. As a thank you, we're offering everyone a 10% discount on their next purchase from our webstore and, if you choose to submit your email address, you'll have a chance at winning some really awesome prizes as well. The full list is included in the survey and is even longer than last year. 
Please ask your friends to fill out the survey as well, and if you have a blog, please post about it. Your friends and your readers too deserve a shot at these wonderful prizes and of course, we all want to know more about ourselves. 
As last year, we'll publish extensively about the results both online and offline, that's a promise! 
Kind regards and happy answering, 
Guy Bowers and Jasper Oorthuys


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