Friday, 3 July 2015

Meeples 150 coming up real soon now. and we thought it would be fun to do something different (well, I suggested it and Neil didn't argue :D).

So. episode 150 will be a listener questions show: this is your chance to find out what our Desert Island boardgames are, whether Neil and I will still be talking after the first game of the NFL season, why Rich is now a fan of Chain of Command, if Dave is really that tall, how many loopholes we've all found in our New Year pledge, what Hobbsy is painting next, and if Neil's painted anything yet! The world is your oyster. To quote Neil:
You can:
Post it in the comments [Mike: including here]
Post it in the comments section to this news on the Facebook page
Post it to our Twitter Feed @mandmpodcast with #ep150
Send it to with a subject of EP150.
Cut off for questions is around the 13th of July – we look forward to hearing from you!
 All yours, ladies and gents. Have fun!


  1. 150 years (sorry episodes) of Meeples - you guys are really looking good on it. On a more serious note, my question is - how do you find the time to paint, game and report? As I can generally only manage one one of the three in any week- max.

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