Thursday, 18 June 2015

Waterloo 200th

Just in case you've been living under the proverbial rock recently, today is, of course, the 200th anniversary of one of the most important and crucial battles for control of Europe, the battle of Waterloo.

I''m not exactly sure when I became aware of it as a historical event - I do know that my first real understanding of it came from being loaned and then given Pericoli's "1815: The Armies at Waterloo", which as well as being full of custom reference plates for the 1970 movie, contains a detailed and well-described account of the progress of the battle by Michael Glover. Which probably got me top marks on my last secondary school history exam before I (for various reasons I should cover in another blog post) gave it up.

The other book that is Waterloo to me is Henry Siborne's "The Waterloo Letters", for its first-hand accounts written after the battle.

It has always been one of my favourite periods of history, and I think the gorgeous plates in Pericoli's book, and the letters written to Siborne, may have quite a lot to do with it :D


  1. Nice post Mike. It was always David Chandler for me. Funny things that strike up these life times passions.

  2. Yes, I read Chandler in high school, and a great account it is too. More recently I read Bernard Cornwell's 'Waterloo,' which had plenty of snippets of information I never knew. Some of the chaps from my wargames club in England took part in the reenactment this past week. They're posting photos on Farcebook, so I can at least live the experience vicariously.

  3. I have Pericoli's book although, because of the binding, a lot of pages are loose now!


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