Wednesday, 17 June 2015



Just been listening to Neil's latest podcast, from his trip round Games Expo.

Listening to the various interviews, I was counting up how many Kickstarters I'm waiting for some or all of


Deadzone Infestation (just the rule book, yer honour)
PSC's Great War (on time)
Blood Rage
Kings of War 2
Dungeon Saga
Russian Trucks of WW2 (not holding my breath)
Winter War (rest of, also not holding my breath)
Kingdom Death: Monster (so NOT holding my breath here)

Should keep me out of mischief.


  1. (I think Blogger ate my earlier comment)

    I think you may be under rating Will and the chaps are PSC. I am led to believe they were handing over copies of the Great War at Game Expo in advance of their July due date.

    In Kick starter terms that's practically time travel. I have backed nine KS over the years and not one of them has delivered on time. If PSC can pull this off, I will be very impressed.

  2. I guess the "good news" is that at least you aren't waiting on a 10th KS with Secrets of the Third Reich II being cancelled. I'm still browned off about that...

  3. I've stopped backing KS altogether. Jus' "meh". If I still want it when it's in production and on general release, I'll order it. I can no longer be bothered with giving someone else my money for me to over-excitedly order stuff I don't need (no matter how kool) that delivers eighteen months later.

  4. I've backed Blood Rage, Conan and Dungeon Saga amongst others. I'm trying to cap my KS expenditures for the year but I did see that Bones 3 is coming out in a few weeks. I passed on the first two. Oh yeah I already lost my resolve and backed the new Fantasy Zombiecide.


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