Sunday, 14 June 2015

A question for the SF gamers out there...

Anyone recommend a good set of relatively generic starship combat rules?


  1. Different operational levels, built for fast play. Highly recommended

  2. Full Thrust is the obvious one. You can download the light and the original rules for free from Ground Zero Games.

    There are a number of more recent compilations and developments available online with adaptations for various film/book franchises.

  3. Indeed, Full Thrust is usually what I reach for first. There are some bugs around very fighter-heavy fleets, but broadly it works pretty well.

  4. Another vote for Full Thrust. Easy system and online ship design and SSDs are available at

  5. Yep, another vote for Full Thrust here.

  6. A Sky Full of Ships is a well put together "rules light" system which our group enjoys...

  7. I've heard full thrust spoken very high of.

  8. I'm going to beg to differ, while Full Thrust is a good game, it's also old school - as in high maintenance overheads, like for example BattleTech, which I love. Lots of people love BattleTech and Full Thrust, but IMNSHO the question to ask is what type of space game do you want to play?

    Low record keeping?
    Streamline play?
    Size of fleets?
    Fighter or capital ships?
    How real?

    Once you state these I can point you in the direction of rules that may match your tastes.

    BTW: Yes I am writing a review of spaceship combat rule sets, and no it's not finished, and no I don't know when I will finish it, because I'm a bit pernickety about research, and while I may over do my research It's no good asking me to be anything other than true to myself. It's not like I'm getting rich from writing articles.

  9. Starfire. An oldie but a goodie.


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