Tuesday, 16 June 2015

New Unit Syndrome

On what I think is our fifth game of Sails of Glory in 6 weeks down the club: poor old Carl treated himself to HMS Victory, and very generously let Dave captain her...

Result - one full broadside from the French Montagne, while being boarded by Le Swiftsure - last seen being sailed away under a tricolour with three matelots hanging off the stern painting in the name "La Victiore" while singing the Marseilaise.

New unit syndrome. Gotta love it :D


  1. I am reassured to know that your new unit syndrome is the same as my new unit syndrome.

    Apparently there are people out there who field new units and win with them.

    Clearly not Real Wargamers.

  2. This happens every time. The more effort you put into building and/or painting it the worse it is - most of my scratch builds have died the first turn they hit the table :-(


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