Sunday, 20 July 2014

Total Wargamer

It appears (as per my yesterday post), that Total Wargamer have ceased trading in miniatures. (Despite the fact there's no evidence of this on the website yet.)

From one of the GCN reps on Facebook (who I am prepared to trust as a source):
Have received this message:
We have basically ceased trading and I'm afraid a few orders have been missed whilst winding this up.
We have modified your order and have arranged a refund for you.
Our card processor will return the funds to the account that funds were removed from.
We aim to have refunds completed in 3-5 working days but will be completed in a period no longer than 30 calendar days from date of request.
More details in the thread here.


  1. Intruiging. I noticed a faint 'sale creep' recently. I popped a small order in the other month and while sluggish, it did arrive eventually.

  2. Always sad to see someone bow out


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