Saturday, 5 July 2014

Book review - "Spearheading D-Day" - Jonathan Gawne


When I bought this on Amazon, I was expecting your usual trade paperback sized WW2 history book...

Not so's you'd notice. This is A4 or bigger, an inch and a half thick, and 288 pages absolutely chocka with photos and details.

It covers all the US special units that landed on D-Day, from the range of landing craft and ships used, through the positive arsenal of things that go boom that the engineers carried, to a look at the design and history of the assault vest. It also contains some useful organisation charts (for example, for the assault sections landing on Utah and Omaha) and a few painting guide notes that I'd have missed (did you know all US Navy personnel on the beaches or likely to end up on the beaches, such as LCVP crew, were required to have a grey band round their helmet, signifying "do not order this man inland off the beach"?).

Excellent book. If, like me, you're researching US forces for D-Day for any reason, treat yourself. And there are copies available from sellers on Amazon that give you change from £15, which is more than reasonable.


  1. One for the wish list I think. Is it a Histoire & Collections publication? I think it's their name I spy on the cover. If it is they do very good reference books.


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