Wednesday, 19 September 2012

"To Britain's Shores" - Godric

And here is our narrator in all his glory. His mail coat's actually a little long for the period, but I'm rather fond of the figure (it's in fact one of the hero figures from GW's Lord of the Rings metals), and he was one of the first figures I painted after I picked up wargaming again.

Usual process - Citadel paints over a black Army Painter undercoat (it predates my conversion to Army Painter paints), Tamiya Dark Earth texture, Javis  Spring Green static grass. I may re-rebase him on a round base to match Leofric, or I may switch to the other near identical figure which is on a GW 25mm round base!

Next up, finding figures for Aelfric and Ecgwine.

As an aside - for those who hadn't noticed, Andy's report for the first game in the campaign is now up.


  1. I see the sword... but where's the pen???
    Nice painted mini indeed. I'm collecting phptos from different bloggers to inspire my painting... this one os already in my folder

  2. I like him. Sometimes you have to break the technicalities if you really like the figure.

  3. Replies
    1. Nope. One of the minor Rohirrim characters.


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