Saturday 15 September 2012

Battle Report - 10-Sep-2012 - Dux Britanniarum

The first battle of the campaign Andy Hawes and I are fighting, as chronicled on both our blogs.

We rolled the farm raid scenario, with, unlike last time, a fairly reasonable set of terrain. The Saxons got three turns head start, which, with some decent dice rolling on my part, was enough to get them pretty much up to the farm, except for young Ecgwine and his warband, along with the missile troops, who snuck round the far side of one of the woods.

The British diverted one unit of warriors to deal with Ecgwine... I used an Evade card to pull him and his warband back into the wood, and then managed to get the drop on the warriors with good old Leofric and another bunch of Saxon warriors. Score one to the Saxons, as the British lost their amphora and legged it, although leaving Leofric once more wounded. (I'm sure he'd do much better if he spent more time sober!)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Aelfric had moved his heartguard to block the path that the British were taking, causing them to have to take up position forming shieldwall half in and half out of a wood - we ruled they were OK doing this without shock penalty, but obviously couldn't move. As I had a rather nice hand at this point, I charged the British warriors, while holding their comanipulares back with a Goad card, and chased them off.

It was, as they say, all going so well...

Andy's comanipulares somehow managed, in the course of the next couple of turns, to cause BOTH my units of Gedriht to flee one after the other. Meanwhile, the unit of warriors in the building had completely failed to loot anything. At about this point, I decided a tactical withdrawal was in order, which Andy, perhaps prudently, decided not to contest.

Great game, as ever - Andy is still among my favourite opponents, and I continue to find new reasons to love Dux Britanniarum!


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