Monday 17 September 2012

Back from the Front, as it were

So, yesterday we - myself, wife Anne, son James and Chris from the club - piled into our trusty Roomster and headed for Norwich and the Eastern Front wargames show.

Made it to St. Andrew's carpark just in time to see Dewi from the club getting out of his car, and thence to St. Andrew's Hall before 9 to discover that Grahame and Adrian had been there since just after 8 and everything was just about set up for Pyramid of Peril - so much for hurrying! It at least got us some time to raid a cashpoint and admire some of the other games on show, including the guys from Norwich Rearguard with a Very British Civil War game with genuine hidden movement (two completely identical tables, duplicate forces, a screen and a very busy umpire). Also catching the eye were Southend Wargames Club (sorry, guys, if I could figure out which was your live web site I'd give you a link too!) with a recreation of the Dark Ages battle of Benfleet on some very very impressive terrain using SAGA. Sadly, James had swiped the camera for a walk round Norwich when I actually had time to grab some photos!

As far as shopping went, I picked up a copy of the second Hail Caesar army list book and some more Army Painter acrylics from Warlord, and had a fair amount of success at the bring and buy, acquiring some Victrix Athenian hoplites for £12, an MDF church for a fiver, and best of all a copy of the Lord Of The Rings cooperative board game for £6.

For those who missed it on its previous outing at Hammerhead, the premise for Pyramid of Peril is this. The Germans have unearthed (having been foiled some years ago by Prof. H Jones and Tintin) a mystical artifact that has the power of raising the dead, which they intend to use on the Russian Front to generate reinforcements. Unfortunately, as the sun rises across the desert, they discover that it does, indeed, do exactly what it says on the packing crate, and have to survive against the undead Eternal Guard until the sun sets again.

We managed to get three games in, with varying levels of participation - everyone seemed to have a good time, and the end result was 2-1 to the Combat Archaeologists of the Deutsche Afrika Korps, with the last fight being the decider. It actually was a lot closer than it looked - at two points the undead hordes were one move away from claiming a victory, but in the end, the German superior close combat ability won the day.

Herewith a batch of photos, some of which I took and some of which were taken by James. I recommend clicking on them and viewing in Blogger's slideshow viewer.
The sand table ready for action
The German pom-pom gun. Originally a pencil sharpener!
Oberleutenenant R. Harreihausen and the Combat
Archaeologists of the DAK prepared to sell their lives dearly
in the face of the onslaught of the forces of Mighty Ra.
Iron Crosses (posthumously) for this lot!
Stand firm!
The mounted Eternal Guard.

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  1. You had a great time! =) I always liked the old NOW show in the same venue, and I'm glad to see it back in a new incarnation.


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