Saturday, 28 April 2012

Battle report - 9 Apr 2012 #2

Some rather tasty French Hussars,
part of my command
Catching up slowly with a backlog of battle reports!

Gary at the club arranged (and umpired) a Napoleonic encounter under the Black Powder rules, using his own rather extensive and very nice collection of largely plastic 28mm Napoleonics. We had 6 players, so myself, Carl and Chris took the French, and Gavin, Reuben and Grahame the Allies (I hope I remembered this right, it was nearly 3 weeks ago!).

Initial set up, viewed from the French
right wing (mine!)
The French got to go first, and with a disgustingly good set of command rolls, managed to basically charge across the table in both flanks and the centre, and get well and truly stuck in.

With hindsight, and I'm sure Gary won't mind me saying, Black Powder at full scale doesn't lent itself to 4' wide tables - after all, it was play tested in the Perry's palatial wargames room - and next time we'll play on at least 12'x6', I think.

Having said that, the ensuing scrap was pretty close, although Carl's punch right through the Allied centre did ultimately break that division. I held my own on the right (oh look, a British force on the reverse slope of a hill - never seen that before), and Chris got a bit of a pounding from Reuben's forces on our left flank.
The Allied centre, garrisoning a lovely farm model.

It was, all in all, great fun, and much kudos and thanks to Gary for organising it. I suspect we'll do it again sometime soon.


  1. Nice looking figures and set up; although I agree that a wider table would allow for more "sweeping" moves. I last played on a 8 X 5' table with only two or three smallish brigades per side. This was for a rules refresher and worked great. Best, Dean

    P.S. Black Powder is my current favorite set of rules - both for it's simplicity and fast play.

  2. Nice work Mike but we need more pictures!

  3. Nice little report Mike! but like Fran said " More pics!"


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