Thursday, 25 April 2019

Moving boxes, and a shelfie...

Since I now have a large studio space that isn't being used by PE2Collectables, and Reuben left me four bookcases, I've done a bit of moving:
  • Because I'm running out of shelf space in the music room (and anyway, I'd rather that shelf space had musical and 3D printer kit on it);
  • Because I need shelf space for some scenery bits;
  • Because I'm fed up of clearing the kitchen table or half the dining room to play board games;
  • Because my military history books are currently upstairs (about 3 shelves worth still to move), and
  • I've committed to doing some IABSM and Dux videos (if TFL don't beat me to it), for which a decent uncluttered table area with space around it for camera tripods, with a suitably nice backdrop, wouldn't hurt.
Like... this...

1 comment:

  1. The endless challenge that is storage! Looks like you can chalk up a victory there.


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