Friday, 1 January 2016

2015 in review

And a Happy New Year to all my readers!

Normally, I get this post in on the 30th, but life has been.. well, life, so I'm not going to paste in all of last years plans so we can see how well I did (haha) - you can check back if you want.

Achievements? Well - I ran a wargames show, and it was, if modesty permits, Pretty Damn Good. For those who haven't seen the memo - next year's - oop, THIS year's, is on September 4th. I also kept my pledge to buy no new periods/armies well into the year, until the Mantic KoW2 Kickstarter caught me (they NEVER bring a card reader to shows, so basically it was a great chance to get an elf army cheap, AND there is the argument that I already had 20 elves from a Xmas Chaos box a couple of years ago!). And we DID manage the club game for Salute - the fabulous Dambusters Challenge.

Other than that, I've had an eye inflammation since April (sheesh) which has rather put the kibosh on a lot of painting plans - it IS improving after minor eyelid surgery, so hopefully 2016 will see some stuff painted - watch this space.


  1. Happy New Year and Best wishes for 2016!
    May you win many games of M&M Bingo :-)

  2. Happy New Year and sympathies over the eye thing, I have a wrist thing going on and it does all get rather tedious after a while. To good health!

  3. Happy New Year Mike. Hope that the eye continues to improve. See you before long I hope

  4. A Happy New Year to you and yours.


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