Thursday, 19 November 2015

To base or not to base....

So - I appear to have started a debate on the last Meeples podcast. Do you base your 15mm vehicles or not?

Neil's sufficiently convinced of the rightness of his views to post a poll on Twitter: I'm sufficiently convinced of mine to link to it. Vote, do!


  1. I wouldn't base human figures if they'd stand up without it.

  2. I agree with Roger. Bases are a necessary evil for figures. No bases for vehicles. They're an abomination.

  3. Disagree: I like basing models; it's visually enhancing (if you invest time and effort) and protects the paint longer, saving the model from greasy hands grabbing the base instead of the model itself

  4. I prefer never to base my vehicles, but if you let other folks use your minis pretty often or run demo and convention games they certainly help protect your vehicles from all the handling.

  5. If you base your infantry, you should base your vehicles, or the heights won't be in scale, and it will look like the infantry are on plinths next to the armour. Also, I bet you base your guns and crews...

    1. Scale the wargamers frontier. These are the games of people who play wargames. Their mission to explore strange new periods, seek out new dice and rule-sets, to boldly go where no scale hobby has gone before.

      Mostly by not knowing what scale means.

  6. Well I see the point about hight but I am not sure how a base helps with handling - as based or not most people pick up a vehicle by the sides of the model.
    Visually bases can cause some real issues on vehicles on scenery packed tables.

  7. I find it makes quite a difference in 1/285 and have disciplined myself to pick up models by the base. Each to their own.

  8. 15mm, generally no! Yes they do make them look pretty, but only if your basing is somewhere near to the table colour that you are playing on. Already cast on a base, fair enough I can live with that. Gamey I know but how about this? Vehicles can move through gaps in scenery (between buildings say) of a size bigger than themselves. Does this include the base? If not and they are based, do you need to measure the vehicle minus base and compare to the gaps measurement? Pedantic I'm sure, but that's the way I roll worrying about silly things like this.
    I do have a couple of exceptions as markers/ objectives from the days I played flames.
    As I said generally "no"
    6mm however based !!!!!

  9. For the few vehicles I've done, I've used bases. I felt they were too vulnerable without them, especially those with wheels rather than tracks. (Most of mine are wheeled in fact). Having said that I think they look better without.


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