Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Kickstarter watch - Dreadball Xtreme

First off - you have all changed your Kickstarter password, right?


Ok. That's fine. I'll just wait here while you go and do it. Right now.

Done? Good. :)

Mantic are currently teasing the start of the new Kickstarter for Dreadball Xtreme with a site at GCPS Central, which as of today has a countdown timer (due to end at about 2pm on Friday) and a rather over-effected and not very informative video. Essentially, though, the slogan is 'No Ref, No Rules. No Mercy', so you can have a pretty good guess.

More interesting are a couple of photos: one's from Jake Thornton's blog of a game in progress:

and the other a teaser of the gameboard from Mantic on Facebook:

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  1. I've sworn off kickstarters for awhile, but this might make me rethink that policy!


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