Friday 17 February 2012

Work in progress...

...and hopefully going to be done in time for the WAB GT tomorrow.

110 Brigantes Warband - oh, and a couple of chariots! At the point of the photo they were dipped and had been drying for 18 hours. As I type they\re almost done basing. Finished pictures to follow.

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  1. For now I'm ankle-deep in The Hobby(tm) but for next year I plan to leverage my son's combined interest in wargaming, history and archaeology into historical wargaming. Even while I'm a total fool for The Hobby(tm), I eventually want to play ancients and medieval too.

    Just in case: if anyone thinks I shamelessly turned my son to wargaming around his 9th birthday making his pocket money an investment for me, so that a year and a half later a significant part of the models were bought by him and we regularly go to the wargame club, meanwhile planning future armies: you can't think I'm that evil, right? Good, keep thinking that :-> Of course, neither am I on my way to draw in my 7yo daughter as well. A harmless weekly Lord of the Ring boardgame with her is in no way done with that purpose in mind.


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