Wednesday 7 December 2011

The plan for 2012

Inspired by a similar post on Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog I thought I'd set down my aims for 2012 and onwards... Since I changed jobs, I now have an hour or two every evening between me getting home and James finishing his homework, which has proved surprisingly productive - for example I managed to get a dozen Red Devils from undercoated to ready to dip in two hours the other Friday, setting something of a record for me - from just-bought to on-the-wargames-table in four days. As motivation, I'm entering two painting contests: Curt at Analogue Hobbies' winter challenge, and the La Bricolage forum contest. There - no escape now, I've said it in public.

Completing existing armies:
  • Add a couple more cohorts and another unit of cavalry to my 28mm EIR
  • Add another two warbands, some more cavalry, fanatics and chariots to my 28mm Brigantes
  • Add another squad with support weapons to my 28mm Wehrmacht (for Operation: Squad)
  • Add another regiment of pike and shot to my 28mm Royalists
New armies:
  • Napoleon At War 18mm French - at least two infantry brigades plus cavalry plus artillery
  • 28mm Parthians (largely Wargames Factory Persian light cavalry plus A&A cataphracts). Waiting on Armies of Antiquity 2 to see what else I need.
  • Some 28mm Gladiators for Warhammer Historical's ruleset
  • 28mm British Commandos for Op: Squad
  • 28mm Russians ditto
  • 28mm Normans - for SAGA and a possible club campaign
  • I should buy some so I can game at home
  • Paint up/flock the Citadal modular hill I have
  • Try constructing some 28mm buildings 
  • Ditto bocage for Operation: Squad
Rulesets to acquire/check out
  • Buy 
    • Operation: Squad - Vehicles (and Reinforcements when it's out)
    • Hail Caesar
  • Test
    • Napoleon At War
    • Gladiator
Other stuff
  • Get the *deleted* workshop organized so I can keep track of all this stuff!
  • Sort out some means of spraying indoors while it's cold!
  • Wargamers Pledge. Watch this space!


  1. Looking forward to your 18mm Naps Mike. Best of luck with the rest!


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