Tuesday, 20 December 2011

WAB2 Armies of Antiquity is out

Unsurprisingly, not in the Warhammer Historical sale :D but it is available, and I have succumbed, since I'm still angling to put together a Parthian and probably a Norman (12th Century) army before next year's out.
Available from here, and, being Warhammer Historical, here alone, for £28 + P&P. Sadly, no bulk postage discount either. The list of armies is one to three pages per army, starting with the early struggles of Rome and going through as far as the Wars of the Roses and the Ottoman turks. I gather from comments on the WAB Forum that the author (Martin Gibbins) has said that he will publish a couple of PDFs after it's out, one containing about 20 Biblical lists, and the other 40 or so 'uncommon' lists.

I guess from other comments that the idea is that the lists will (unlike those dotted around the various original WAB supplements) be balanced relative to each other, and also not be as powerful point-for-point. This definitely wasn't the case with the original supplements, from some painful memories of getting roundly hammered with a bunch of Assyrians and Danes when playing WAB2 rulebook EIR. 

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