Sunday, 20 February 2011

Battle Report - 14 Feb 2011

Grahame's legions - Warlord plastics
plus Foundry (IIRC)
Warhammer Ancient Battles this week - Grahame's Romans (co-commanded by him and me) against a mixed force of barbarians. Essentially, four cohorts of legionaries, some auxilliary archers, some javelin armed lights, more auxilliaries with spears, and a smattering of cavalry. Nice balanced army.

The meat in a Roman
cavalry sandwich
Our left flank turned into a cavalry scrap, which basically resulted in a Barbarian sandwich at one point (even Auxilliary light cavalry hurts when it hits you in the rear) and a lot of running away.

And here we are, five turns later,
still sitting on our lorica
segmentata-covered arses...
The centre and right develoved into an archery duel, and an exercise in over-caution: my archers got shot to bits over four or five turns, and a unit of Auxilla with heavy thrusting spears passed an equivalent amount of time intimidating a bunch of barbarian light cavalry. The barbarian warbands spent that time making faces at our four legions, advancing on failed warband checks and then backing off again.

Fine as it went, but a bit out of character for both the ravening barbarian hordes and the indomitable legionaries. I know the auxillae are there to do the bleeding for the guys in lorica, but...


  1. Great stuff, love the Roman Building centre piece...;)

    Got some Warlord Romans half-done, mind that need attention, trouble with me is I'm always jumping from period to period...oh, well...LOL


  2. Can't claim credit for the centrepiece, or the rather wonderful Roman camp on our right flank, sadly.

    I'm being very good at present - though some ECW and Norman troops keep suggesting I should buy them to add to the unpainted stash...


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