Monday, 4 August 2014

Reviews and Mantic - a statement

In line with my statement on book reviews a while back (which reminds me, there's a couple of Pen and Sword reviews coming up :D), herewith another.

Being a fan of a number of the Mantic games, I have signed up to their bloggers' mailing list. And I quote:
"We are looking to build an exclusive list of podcasters, bloggers, communities and forums to share the best content with your readers.  It can be as low key as sharing our competitions, right up to our press releases.  We’ll also tailor content where we can to your sites, but for now we’re just looking for those who are interested."
 As before, I will continue to be impartial, and to be honest to my readers. So:
  • Should I ever get to review a book, rule set, supplement, whatever, that Mantic send me, I will make it explicitly clear that it's a review copy and who the source is. 
  • The fact that I was asked to review it will not affect what I think or say about it, be that here, on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, or on the Meeples podcast. I have (I trust and hope) a reputation for being honest and direct in my reviews on here, and I don't intend for that to change. 
  • I won't regurgitate Mantic's copy verbatim without making it clear I'm doing so.


  1. It's always tough when you are trying to review to not be swayed and sometimes it's possible to over compensate. Hope you continue to hit the balance


  2. Yes, we knew you were going to make tons of money and become dirty rich, making nice reviews about all these games, books and figures ... pen for hire :-)

    Now seriously, thanks for the effort. I´ve found your reviews extremely interesting and useful in the past... and my purse has also noticed from time to time...keep the good work Mike

  3. Up front, forthright and honest - love your approach Mike!

    I too have found your opinions and thoughts insightful and useful


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