Tuesday 8 May 2012

Bank Holiday weekend fun

The good guys' jumping off area.
Back from (surprisingly) sunny East Ayton (in N. Yorks) for a remarkably fun couple of days with the WD3 folks, participating in a sprawling two day Imaginations battle, with over a dozen players and (at a rough guess) well over a thousand figures on a 24'x6' battlefield (plus an extension on the second day due to us over-achievers on the right flank).

I had an absolute ball, and many thanks to the organisers, as well as everyone involved - made to feel very welcome, and really enjoyed the game.

In-character details will follow on the Duchy of Elland blog, but here are a few pics to whet your appetite.

The Duchy's VIth Jager Regiment take cover behind
a rocky outcrop

The traffic jam on the right flank, which took most of
two days of gaming to unsnarl.

The Duchy's forces spearheading the advance on the
far right.


  1. Looking very nice, a great table!

  2. Sounded and looked like a blast Mike!

  3. Nice looking game, Did the Duchy of Elland wear a Leeds Utd based uniform, if not why???? he he

    1. If sir were to note the two units front centre in the bottom picture....

  4. Great looking games & figures. Looks like good times! Best, Dean


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