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[Updated 28 Nov 2017]

This isn't a 'please buy me stuff' begging list. Occasionally, I sell stuff via forums etc, and a good way of paying for stuff is for me to say 'buy me something off the wish list to the value of £X'. In general, I'm not fussed about delivery time etc on these (if I were, I'd have bent the credit card already!), so they're in no particular order. I'm also not fussed about new as long as they're complete :D

Any nice bits of 28mm Peninsular, or 15mm NW Europe or Italy terrain.

Perry or Foundry 28mm Napoleonics: any French Peninsular foot or cavalry.

Footsore 28mm Picts (for a Dux B force)

Brigade Models: Anything fun in their 2mm scenery range that would look good on the shore of a Sails of Glory terrain piece.
Battlefront, PSC or Command Decision 15mms (counts are vehicles, not blisters :D) (please, NOT Forged In Battle - if I wanted my vehicles set in concrete paving slabs.... :D ):
  • 1 x British White Scout Car
  • 2 x SdKfz 10
  • 1 x SdKfz 11
  • 2 x 75mm infantry gun
  • SdKfz 231/232 8-rad (PSC box)
Yes, I know I can 3D print these, but even so :D

Napoleon At War miniatures - please order from Battlefield Models, as Paul is a nice chap and deserves the business. Blisters are about £10-15, boxes £20-40 depending.
  • Blister packs of
    • French Carabiniers
    • British Highlanders (the noo!)
    • French Generals
    • British Generals
    • French Line Infantry
    • Dutch-Belgian militia
  • Boxes of 
    • French Horse Artillery
    • British Horse Artillery
    • British Line Infantry
Perry War of the Roses 28mm metals
  • Any of the wagons
Email fleetfootmike@gmail.com for a shipping address.

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  1. Hmmm... you need to pick up the slack on the Nappy's my friend ;)


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