Wednesday, 12 September 2018

The Miller's Tale - Episode 3

Episode 3: In which Mike gets caught out by summer holidays and Real Life.

Please note: the majority of this podcast was recorded in early August, hence some of the remarks and news items are a little out of date - they are, I hope, still as valid as when they were made.
Links to things mentioned in the podcast:

If there's anything I missed, please let me know. I'm keen for any feedback, obviously enough - you can comment here, or if you'd rather it wasn't public, by email to

Look out for the next episode in early October.


  1. Thanks Mr Whitaker, I enjoyed listening to the podcast & look forward to more in the future :-)

  2. A very good #3. You have a distinct point of view which is worth hearing.

    Concerning fluff. For non- or ahistorical games, I find that well developed fluff only limits the stories you can explore with a game. For SF in particular, I am ok with broad strokes but find the down in the weeds detail just gets in the way. For example, Traveller vs 40k.

    I thoroughly agree that History is the best fluff of all. Dig deep enough and you will find the odd, the bizarre and the interesting that out strips anything you can find in mere fiction.

  3. Thanks for the kind words about my posts Mike, it's really appreciated.
    and I'm going to miss having you on the Meeples podcast, even though we argued about stuff I always respected your opinion and your knowledge of the hobby, history and life in general

  4. Huzzah! Is there an RSS address?

    1. Sure is. Linked off for future reference :D


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