Sunday, 23 November 2014

Imperator! - WAB Campaign Day

Today's fun down the club was our Roman Civil War campaign day - I took my Parthians, but as we had an odd number of players and one of them was late, I only got to play in the first game, which was a doubles game which saw me across the table from Grahame of our club. Grahame knows WAB inside and out, and the ins and outs of almost every rule in the book (although I do have to keep reminding him that skirmish cavalry don't fear charges from foot!). Hence I was pleasantly surprised that our half of the table was pretty much a draw.

For a gallery with a few more photos, check the club's post.

Our thanks to Grahame and Andy H for organisation, and to Pen and Sword Books and PE2Collectables for generous donation of prizes.

The charity dice-off raised £51 (+ gift aid) for Battlegames' Combat Stress appeal.

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