Tuesday 4 October 2011

Rumours of my death...

...have been for the most part greatly exaggerated, honest.

The Roundhead cavalry mass at Slat Mill Ford, ready to
prevent the Royalist rearguard reaching Hay's Bridge
Three weeks vacation in the USA, followed by a week back at work which involved handing in my notice (new job, 20 min commute rather than 1 hour 45 mins!), followed by most of three weeks off with a vile imported American strain of something that landed me with a nasty chest infection, no voice and worse almost no brain. Last week at current job this week!

Hopefully, I'll get caught up soon. Did manage to paint 5 Renegade ECW artillery crew and a culverin over the weekend, though, and then used them in a refight of the Battle of Cropredy Bridge at club last night. I'll gloss over the details, suffice it to say that the Royalist rearguard (me) didn't make it to Hay's Bridge...


  1. Just stumbled onto your blog, and joined up, glad your getting over the manflu, its a real killer, woman just don't understand!!

  2. Same here - thanks for posting on my blog too.

    Nice game and figures/terrain. Sorry to hear about the bug you picked up here; hope you're feeling better. Best, Dean


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